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MClaren 600LT

The journey with the McLaren 600LT started with understanding the client's desire for an exceptional street-driving experience. Our collaborative approach led us to tailor a plan, including M engineering ECU calibration, pure 900 turbos, and Area 51 Motor Sports downpipes. The addition of rolling anti-lag allowed for seamless boost while driving. Witnessing the transformation to an 850-horsepower powerhouse brought excitement to our team, ensuring we can deliver remarkable results to all our clients.

Behind The Scenes

At Area 51 Motor Sports, our dedicated team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to enhance the McLaren 600LT's performance. We conducted a comprehensive set of upgrades, including M engineering ECU calibration, pure 900 turbos, Area 51 Motor Sports downpipes, 1050 ID injectors, and a cutting-edge rolling anti-lag system. The result? An exhilarating 850-horsepower beast that delivers an unforgettable driving experience. If you're ready to elevate your supercar's performance, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Let's embark on an exciting journey together.

Results and Impact

Through meticulous engineering and expertise, we've successfully transformed the McLaren 600LT into an 850-horsepower marvel. The ECU calibration, turbo upgrades, and rolling anti-lag system have substantially improved its responsiveness and power delivery. This comprehensive tuning has delighted our clients and established us as a trusted destination for high-performance upgrades.