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McLaren 675LT

The 675lt was a platform created for the track to carry on the performance legacy of its Le Mans winning predecessors. We decided to capitalize on the Twin Turbo V8 platform to create a livelier and more aggressive weapon for the track

Behind The Scenes

Results and Impact

Our journey with the McLaren 675LT began with a vision of increasing the potential of peak performance. With our precision upgrades, the McLaren 675LT roars to life with an awe-inspiring 806 horsepower and 534 ft-lb of torque, thanks to Pure 900 turbos, Soul Performance catless downpipes, 1050cc injectors and a custom M engineering ECU calibration that ensures every ounce of power is harnessed efficiently. This transformation isn't just about numbers; it's about redefining performance and thrilling our clients with an unparalleled driving experience.

Boost your McLaren's performance today

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